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Installations, Inspections or possibly a system recharge?  We have the staff with the experience that counts.  Not only do we know fire suppression, we know your equipment.  We are the specialists you have been looking for in Northern BC.  For vehicle systems, you've come to the right place.   


We do fire alarm inspection, installation and repair of many brands of fire alarm.  We also will guide you through the systems that are more proprietary and get you the help you need by professionals who care that you have a job done correctly.  That is why we employ certified electricians to make sure the job is done to the standard you expect.


If you need something done to your fire extinguisher such as testing, inspection or buying new, we can help you with that too.  We are committed to helping you keep accurate records on larger extinguisher counts or simply  recharging the one you keep at the cabin.  


At the heart of every restaurant, there's the kitchen,.  There are many added risks due to the nature of the cooking process, high heat, grease and gas are just some of the hazards.  We inspect, service and install required fire suppression in kitchens to protect staff and your investment.  


Emergency lighting is a critical building system which requires inspection annually.  We can provide you with a report as to the readiness of all the lighting systems throughout your building, install and repair so your building is ready in case of a power outage or emergency.


Neighbourhood and structure safety relies on fire hydrants to be functional whenever they are needed.  We inspect and service fire hydrants to keep your property safe.  If there is a fire hydrant that you are responsible for or your aren't sure, we can answer your questions and keep you compliant with local authorities for required annual testing.

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Automotive and woodworking spray booths are a prime place for fires to start.  With the flammable liquids, fine particulates and oxygen, all that is needed is one spark.  Protecting your employees and property is a matter of installing a fire suppression system in this area to limit your property loss and keeping your employees safe.  It is also required by code.  Ask us how we can help.

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